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Gizmo's Tech Treats: A New Routine to Read News Using this Great App

Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 11:25 AM PDT
Web-sorrow is a web server security scanner which is used for checking a Web server for misconfiguration, version detection, enumeration, and server information. This tool is based on PERL. Mos important thing about this tool is that it is not an exploitation framework ofvculnerability scanner. It is a simple tool for checking web server misconfiguration Current Functionality -S – stands for

Tech--for Everyone

Tech--for Everyone

Posted: 15 Apr 2012 09:31 AM PDT
April 15th. Tax Day. Here’s a pretty picture for your Sunday. “36 Shot Phtowalk”, by Bill Oriani, courtesy of Flickr Commons (Okay. Maybe that image is not quite “pretty”, but how about “interesting”?)(Or.. a “blast from the past”?) Quick Tip: The deadline for filing with the I.R.S. is mere hours away. To help you meet [...]

Gizmo's Tech Treats: Finds of the Week (April 15, 2012)

Tech--for Everyone

Tech--for Everyone

Posted: 13 Apr 2012 11:28 AM PDT
Sometimes, I find it very difficult to bite my tongue.. But I’ll be nice. Today I have some good info to share with you. Read on. Apple (Mac) owners: Apple releases Flashback removal tool, infections drop to 270,000 “Apple today released an update to its Java component that removes known versions of the Flashback malware. [...]

Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking

Posted: 13 Apr 2012 02:19 AM PDT
Password is the only thing which keeps your data secure in this virtual digital world. So it is necessary to choose a smart password which is hard to guess and hard to crack. We should always take care while choosing passwords and select the one which is private and hard to crack. Before writing some tips to create a strong password, i want to give an advice to all readers not to use same
Posted: 13 Apr 2012 01:49 AM PDT
Enema gets an update and releases version v.1.6. Enema is a SQL injection tool but not an automatic tool. So this tool is not so popular and used. This tool is for those who knows what to do. This tool has one more drawback that it only supports latest version of database servers. Features: Multi-platform. User-friendly graphical interface. Multithreaded. Dump. Customize your queries Plugins

DoJ sues Apple; Sony to cut 10,000 jobs; Apple releases Flashback removal tool | Week in Review

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ZDNet Week in Review
ZDNet Member | April 13, 2012
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Must-Read News
Between the Lines
The DoJ is suing Apple and five major e-book publishers as it begins an antitrust investigation into the alleged collusion of e-book price fixing.
Sony, only days after announcing a $6.4 billion loss, double its previous estimates, is to shed 10,000 jobs, or 6 percent of its workforce in the next 12 months.
Zero Day
Security researchers from Sophos Labs, have detected yet another bogus version of Angry Birds Space.
Security researchers from TrendMicro, F-Secure and Dr. Web have intercepted two new ransomware variants currently circulating in the wild.

All About Microsoft
Screen shots of a Microsoft product roadmap for partners have leaked to the Web. Here are the key take-aways.
Googling Google
According to Page, this year has brought Google+ successes, Android “drama”, and a very worthwhile entry into social media. Is the company better for his leadership?
The Apple Core
If you need high-speed data on your iPad 3 Verizon LTE trounces AT&T in pretty much every category.
Operating Systems
The Ed Bott Report
Apple today released an update to its Java component that removes known versions of the Flashback malware. In a separate study, Symantec reported that it counted only 270,000 infected Macs, down from a high of 600,000 last week.
Linux and Open Source
As clouds become more important, high-tech companies, and the open-source clouds they support, are coming into conflict.
ZDNet Industries
ZDNet Government
Now that he’s sewn up the nomination, will we see the real Mitt Romney? Do we know who the “real” Mitt Romney is? Does even Mitt Romney, anymore, know who the “real” Mitt Romney is?
ZDNet Education
I can almost smell the holy grail…the right hardware, the right ecosystem, the right price. Intel has hit a home run with its Studybook.
ZDNet Health
We need a plan for how to handle the coming dementia crisis. Here’s the bad news and some good news.
Web 2.0
Social Business
The ruling in the recent copyright infringement case Flava vs Gunter has far reaching ramifications for the future of sharing - especially if the MPAA stops the reversal of the court ruling against
Could students find themselves breaching copyright rules by sharing their own work online?
Friending Facebook
The first new release movie to be offered on Facebook at the same time that is becomes available in theatres is none other than the Bob Marley documentary, simply named “Marley.”
Pulp Tech
Commodore founder Jack Tramiel died this week. His legacy of computers for the people and dreams for a better future live on.
London Calling
Australia’s consumer and competition watchdog is mulling a move to sue Apple, as it seeks complaints from e-book sellers in light of the U.S. Justice Dept.’s antitrust move.
Identity Matters
A trio of researchers is experimenting with vibrations, sounds and flashing lights as the basis for futuristic, secure passwords.
Emerging Markets
Unboxing Asia
Temporary blackouts leave China’s Internet users unable to access many Chinese Web sites as well as other unblocked foreign sites. Chinese Telecoms deny any network issues.
India IT
Airtel to launch 4G in Kolkata on March 20, 2012. Airtel not to launch 4G on March 20, 2012. Airtel to launch 4G in Kolkata on 10 April, 2012.
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The iPad isn't entirely self-sufficient. These extra bits of gear can help.
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Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter, they're the hottest social media companies on the Web - and the data shared and searched on these social networks is valuable to organizations. But how...
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Top 10 ways cloud computing meets today's changing IT needs

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Capture anything that you watch on your PC's screen as a video | Downloads Digest

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ZDNet Downloads Digest
ZDNet Member | April 13, 2012
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This Week's Featured Download
Replay Video Capture tool helps to capture anything that you watch on your PC's screen as a production-quality video. It's the best way to make professional-looking videos from hard-to-capture web sites, DVD's, webcams, chat, sites, and more. Replay Video Capture includes a proprietary MPEG-2 codec which provides unparalleled picture quality...

New Software Downloads
AllOff monitors keyboard, mouse, and CPU load and initiates computer shutdown if the activity is less than the threshold for a specified length of time. It can be started manually, on start up or automatically via the Windows Task Scheduler. The CPU load and many other parameters can be configured...
iPhix is the perfect companion app for professional or casual photographers who want to easily edit, apply filters and share their pics. Make any picture look as if it was taken with a vintage camera or be creative and define your own style by creating your own filters. Open a...
Visual Web Ripper is a data extraction tool for web scraping, web harvesting and data extraction from the Internet. Visual Web Ripper can automatically scan through web sites and collect complete content structures such as product catalogs or search results, and save the content in many different formats, including databases,...
AVD Video Processor is designed for anyone who wants to capture images from video files and turn them either into image galleries or animated GIF files. It allows processing files in all popular video formats such as AVI, MPEG, MPG, and DivX. Captured snapshots can be saved to BMP, JPEG,...
Picture Viewer Max will Find, Display, Edit, Print, Organize, and E-Mail Images and Pictures. You can also find and play multimedia files, including Audio Video and MP3 files. A Slide Show is included that provides you with hundreds of transitional effects between picture viewing, and plays MIDI or MP3 music...

TechRepublic Highlights
If you're wasting too much time waiting for Web pages to load, give these tips a try. You should see an immediate boost in speed, making your browsing experience faster and more efficient.
There's no getting around it: Sometimes you need to perform a few maintenance tasks to ensure that your virtual environment is in top shape. This list will help you cover the bases.
Eliminating malware requires a systematic process with no missed steps. This checklist will make it easier to do an effective, thorough job.
The first step in project planning is to define the work. This template will help you create a definition document to guide you through small to medium-size projects.
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