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I have discovered that there are often great products on the web which you can use to accomplish your purposes which will not cost you a cent. [I almost said, "red  cent"..... so why were cents called "red"?

I intend to record them here and later transfer them to my web page in a more organized manner.

So for a more complete list go to Or to search out web apps on this site just use the search for posts or check this page.

The two latest webapps I have found helpful are:  - [Note actual link is] - Ok. Now you may have figured out what this site does. It does a number of things. Have you ever received an email from a strange address and wonder if it was real or just a fake spam?

Because my name is all over the web, I OFTEN do. Today I searched for an email verifier and found this site.
I had a subscriber to one of my blogs that looked like a fake email address. Should I just delete it? What if it was real? So I checked the email address with the email checker and found it to be fake. One less subscriber to that blog (:-)

Email Extractor: Rolosoft has a list of other things it checks such as Email extractor. Copy any text from your computer [or I suppose a web page] and then paste into the extractor. A list of the email addresses in the text are supposed to appear in the section immediately below your text. I will try it.

Web Page Email Extractor will
  • Extract all emails from a web page including text and mailto: links.
  • Pick up email addresses that you could miss by simply just looking at the page.
[Click on the tab which says Web Page to check it out.]

IP ADDRESS Lookup - Lookup your IP address.

MX Lookup - Looks up MX records for any domain

Bulk Email Address Checker will efficiently and accurately identify and remove invalid email addresses from email lists containing from 1,000 to 2 million addresses. PAID SERVICE

Reverse Phone Checkup - to check cell phone numbers for location and validity.  Note: I put my cell phone number in and it was almost scary it pinned my location down to within about 10+ miles in the Niagara Peninsula and placed a marker on a Google Map to show me! 

People and Public Records search is a payable product to look up names in the U.S. or any state. PAID SERVICE ONLY

I did a quick search for other web apps and found several links I will follow up later.

HOAXSLAYER - Hoax-Slayer is what 

99% of people who send you 

"circulating emails" should use 

BEFORE sending you that stupid email telling you about your inheritance or a scheme to prevent someone from death if only you will send money, or to warn you about some dread thing that will happen to you if you don't sign this petition or run immediately to your cupboard and throw away all bags of xxxxxx brand of potato chips or QUIT using SALT RIGHT THIS MINUTE!

MOST "circulating emails" that you are supposed to send on to all your friends [Actually sending it to your enemies might accomplish more! (:-)] ARE HOAXES but how come MOST seem to think they are real?

Another site like this that sometimes becomes biased politically is

So check these sites out when that next alarming email comes in or when you need to check the email address.  



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Added Comment: Blastgroups provides lots of freebies. However it has a confusing interface. I have been doing computers since the 70's and it IS confusing to me. However if you can wade through, you will get LOTS of great stuff for your group. - Computer Doc Blastgroups Claims that it is FREE and you can ... Create a free website for your: Sports Team–Club–Family–Friends Church–Work–School–Organization What can you add to a BlastGroup? Calendars – Photo Albums – Forums – Blogs Email Lists – Videos – Audio – Links – Files I just discovered this site and have NOT tried them. If you try them and have some comments, they are certainly VERY WELCOME! I am signing up today so that I can see how it works and report back to you. The other one I am familiar with like this is I loved airset until I realized that geeks like me would have no problem with it BUT perhaps the average computer user may. -Charles