Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Google launches Chrome OS; What's next for browsers?; Steve Jobs = business risk? [TECH UPDATE]

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ZDNet Tech Update Today
charles | Wed., July 8, 2009
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Google goes after Windows with launch of Chrome OS

Google goes after Windows with launch of Chrome OS Sam Diaz: Google says it will launch a computer operating system that initially will target netbooks by offering a faster, better and more secure way for users to access Web-based applications.


With the Chrome OS, Google's software stack is revealed; Shrapnel everywhere
Google Chrome OS is a game changer
Dennis Howlett: Why Chrome OS is no threat to Windows
Phil Wainewright: Microsoft, hoist by a Chrome petard
Google Chrome OS : 'It should just work'


Live Webcast: Maximize Uptime, Performance and Savings with UNIX

Listen to experts as they discuss how you can best utilize UNIX to improve service, reduce costs and manage risk on your network.

If everyone bets on Android does anyone gain an edge?

If everyone bets on Android does anyone gain an edge? Larry Dignan: Motorola -- along with a bevy of other wireless carriers -- has gone gaga for Google's mobile operating system. If Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony Ericsson and Motorola all go Android happy, does anyone really have an advantage?


Verizon, T-Mobile plan Android phones by year's end; boost for Motorola
Clash of the Touch Titans; iPhone 3G 3.0 vs HTC Magic
Total cost and feature chart: iPhone 3G S vs. Palm Pre vs. Android G1
Fixing Motorola's mess: kick that smartphone strategy into high gear
RIM and Google: Perfect storm?
CIOs on mobile security: Choosing a platform

Beyond speed: What's the next challenge for browsers?

Beyond speed: What's the next challenge for browsers? Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: All the major web browsers -- even laggard Internet Explorer 8 -- have made such dramatic improvements in speed that anyone of them is plenty fast for most users. So what should be next on the browser developer's agenda? Here's my wish list.


Benchmarking Firefox 3.5
Browser wars could improve productivity, but the enterprise still loves IE6
The browser battle: Where does security fit in the evaluation process?
First look: Google Chrome 2.0 - Fast but lacking features
Ed Bott: Is IE8 really fat and slow?

So many Microsoft codenames, so little time

So many Microsoft codenames, so little time Kumo and Kiev are so yesterday. What do Microsoft's latest codenames reveal about the direction of the company? The July edition of Mary Jo Foley's CodeTracker includes new codenames plus updated due dates -- and it's available now as a free download.


Life beyond Windows 7: Microsoft updates other products
Microsoft's Gazelle browser: A layperson's explanation
Five reasons why Microsoft's Hohm is more than just another Web 2.0 service
'Cashmere': Another (possible) destination on Microsoft's embedded roadmap
All About Microsoft blog: Sign up for alerts

Are Steve Jobs' management skills a corporate risk?

Are Steve Jobs' management skills a corporate risk? Andrew Nusca: We all know that Apple CEO Steve Jobs is a revered figure in the consumer electronics industry for pushing the envelope and getting filthy rich doing it. But does the magic of Apple product success hide a poor business manager? Can one bad apple spoil the bunch? One Harvard Business Review writer thinks so.


Demand for 13-in. Apple MacBook Pro outpacing supply
iPhone 3GS users complain of poor battery life
With photo and video, Apple iPod touch, nano reinforce new market segment
How Apple singlehandedly killed the Flip Mino
The correct way to use your MacBook's battery


Live Webcast: Maximize Uptime, Performance and Savings with UNIX

Listen to experts as they discuss how you can best utilize UNIX to improve service, reduce costs and manage risk on your network.

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Do hardware startups have a better shot at success?

Larry Dignan: Entrepreneurs shouldn't shy away from hardware if they are looking to succeed. That contrarian view -- that many startups would naturally gravitate to the Web and software -- was argued by Gadi Amit, founder and principal designer of NewDealDesign.


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Toybox Ten: 10 laptops for less than $750
"I've mulled over buying a laptop for almost a year and keep asking myself the same questions." -- mhatter13

Microsoft gets something right! Well, maybe.
"As long as they don't try to control the market using the power of their monopoly." -- wackoae

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PlayStation 3 exclusive gaming rundown--screenshots

PlayStation 3 exclusive gaming rundown--screenshots As Sony starts to make a push towards the holiday season, let's see what exclusive titles are in store for the console.


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Sony to release 10.1" Vaio W netbook in August; $499

Sony to release 10.1 Andrew Nusca: Finally getting into the netbook market a bit more than the ultra-premium Vaio P-series "Lifestyle PC," Sony on Tuesday announced the 10.1-in. Vaio W, set to ship in mid-August for $499. The W netbook is intended as a "secondary PC," Sony says, for around-the-house use.


Yamaha YHT-791BL home theater system
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Mitsubishi on LaserVue HDTV: L65A90 is in "full production"

Magellan Maestro 4700 GPS sports 4.7-in. display, voice command; $299

SmartPlanet: How to manage teams that are miles away

SmartPlanet: 'Never Eat Alone' author on smarter relationships

NEW Apple iPhone 3G S

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Breville BES400XL Ikon Machine


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Dell: Selling a new backbone for SMBs

Dell: Selling a new backbone for SMBs ZDNet Senior Editor Sam Diaz talks about the company's effort to sell its products to the SMB market. He says Dell executives are hoping to gain ground on the competition by retooling offerings to be more customizable.


Is AT&T slowly dethroning the almighty iPhone?

Is AT&T slowly dethroning the almighty iPhone? ZDNet Senior Editor Sam Diaz shares his views on the release of Apple's new iPhone 3G S. Diaz says there is a dark shadow being cast over the new device because of its exclusive relationship with carrier AT&T, while users complain about two-year contracts and lack of support for MMS messaging.


Capital flowing into green

Capital flowing into green At Greentech Media's Green Building Summit in Menlo Park, Calif., Cascadia Capital CEO Michael Butler discusses three subsectors of the green-building industry that recently began receiving the most capital from the stimulus plan and private sectors.


Who will manage the smart grid?

Who will manage the smart grid? At Greentech Media's Green Building Summit at SRI International in Menlo Park, Calif., tech executives discuss the future management of smart-grid technology and whether the balance of power will go toward utility companies, government regulatory agencies or building owners.


Speeding up construction on 'green' homes

Speeding up construction on 'green' homes At Greentech Media???s Green Building Summit at SRI International in Menlo Park, Calif., Serious Material Chairman Marc Porat discusses the challenges associated with building green residential homes. He believes it's important for the green industry to persuade governments to mandate environmentally sustainable buildings in order to speed up construction.


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