Friday, October 23, 2009

Radisson Hotels report significant data breach; Microsoft WINS vulnerability under attack | ZDNet Announcements

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ZDNet Announcements
charles | Mon., Aug. 24, 2009

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When you say SPAM, it had better mean canned luncheon meat
Jason Perlow: I can certainly understand why Hormel would not want to associate itself with unwanted email messages. Let's face it, we all hate Spam, and though I do not enjoy the SPAM gelatinous processed pork product, many people do. So after all these years, I think Hormel deserves a break. Maybe we need a new word for Bulk Unsolicited Email Messages.
TalkBack Can we give Hormel a break and find a new word for Spam?
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Must-Read News

Radisson Hotels report significant data breach

Microsoft WINS vulnerability under attack

Microsoft rolls out a refreshed Security Essentials, new SQL test builds and more

Google kicks off 64-bit Chrome for Linux

'Skank' blogger talks, sues Google for $15m
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Can Microsoft, Yahoo and Amazon help scuttle Google's book settlement?

What derailed the Windows Mobile 7 train?

Apple TV: The cable killer?

Social media policies critical for reducing legal, business risks

14 reasons why Enterprise 2.0 projects fail

Manage your salary expectations
Get to know the average salary for your IT job function. Join the activeTechPros community and view the IT Salary & Skills Report 2009 today.

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Loaded with promise in the R&D pipeline Before fax machines, ATMs, and LCDs became everyday tech, they were recipients of R&D 100 awards. Here are some of this year's winners.

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Apple's app flap: Don't blame AT&T ZDNet Senior Editor Sam Diaz shares his views on the iPhone related controversy--Apple's rejection of Google Voice.

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Fujifilm FinePix S1500 Even for a full-featured megazoom camera at a low price, the Fujifilm FinePix S1500 delivers average photo quality and mixed performance.

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