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XP crashes; Adobe holes; Google Buzz; Mardi Gras; supercomputers [WEEK IN REVIEW]

ZDNet Week in Review
ZDNet Member | February 12, 2010
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Microsoft has removed one group of patches it released as part of this week's Patch Tuesday -- MS10-015 (KB977165) -- from its Windows Update service until it can investigate reports by some users that it is causing havoc with their PCs. by Mary Jo Foley

This Week's Highlights
Adobe Systems warned of new critical holes in Reader and Flash Player, released a security update for the Flash hole, and said a patch for Reader would come next week. by Elinor Mills CNET News

A Windows patch is reportedly causing the Blue Screen of Death for Windows XP users. Before you leap to conclusions about the coding skills of Microsoft's developers, you might want to consider this.
Google's unveiling of Buzz leaves Microsoft looking like a copycat, even though Redmond has been working on social element to Outlook for some time. by Sam Diaz
The Macworld 2010 Best of Show awards featured some pretty innovative products include my favorite, an iPhone-sized laser pico projector. by Jason D. O'Grady
Last year at the Mobile World Congress MWC show, Microsoft officials said "Windows Phone" would be used as an uber-branding term to describe all phones running Windows Mobile. But it looks like that's about to change.
GE applies eco-principles to new healthcare technology systems. by Heather Clancy
SmartPlanet: Researchers from Imperial College London and Volvo are developing a prototype material that's strong and light enough to be used as a car's skin but hold a charge.
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Check out photos taken with the Nikon Coolpix P100 26x megazoom camera.
Opera 10.50 beta - First Look
Twitpics from Space (photos)

Some think that Windows XP is still OK to use even nine years on from initial release. I say, get with the times and upgrade regardless. 7 things by Zack Whittaker
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Does Social Networking really need to be this hard to manage? by Jason Perlow
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Post-Copenhagen: the homework assignment has been turned in
Google Chrome now officially supports Greasemonkey

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Lenovo on Thursday announced the G455 and G555, budget laptops that pack AMD and ATi inside and start at $449.
Magellan RoadMate 1700
QNAP TS-259 Pro
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SmartPlanet: Researchers at Northwestern University have designed a bioactive nanomaterial that promotes the growth of new cartilage in the body's joints.

Redbox DVD kiosks are gaining significant traction with revenue jumping 73 percent in the fourth quarter and accounting for the bulk of Coinstar's 2009 revenue. by Larry Dignan
Motorola said it will split into two separate companies in the first quarter of 2011, roughly a year from now. by Larry Dignan

SmartPlanet: At the annual TED conference, former Microsoft CTO Nathan Myhrvold demonstrated how inexpensive lasers could be used to fight malaria by zapping mosquitoes.
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At Macworld 2010, Sachmanya co-founder Chintu Parikh demos Yapper, a new do-it-yourself software program that allows developers to create an iPhone app without knowing any programming code.
At Macworld 2010, Gregg Fiddes and David Halpin of Quickoffice demonstrate the company's new mobile productivity application for Apple's iPhone.
At Macworld 2010 in San Francisco, Tim DeBenedictis, product architect of Carina Software, unveils the company's SkyVoyager iPhone app, which enables users to find stars, clusters, and galaxies in the night sky.
Digital memories are long. Emails, images, and documents sent today can resurface years from now, but new software could help ensure that what happens online, doesn't have to live there eternally.
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