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Computer Tips Weekly [ How You Are Killing Your Battery + Become A YouTube Master In Seconds + File Name Print Trick ] 09/17/2010


Computers 101

Gail from Oklahoma asks:

Will USB gadgets like the Chill Pad or Flexible light make my laptop battery wear out sooner?

In short Gail, the answer to that would be yes. Think of your laptop battery in terms of a car's engine. The harder a car works, the more gasoline it uses and the more energy your laptop is putting out, the more juice it is sucking from its battery. A chill mat is a thin device with fans on it that goes under the laptop. The fans blow cold air up into the laptop in order to keep it cooled. You see, in all actuality, the chill pads are very beneficial. Did you know that your computer running all the time and getting warm will actually cause your laptop battery to wear out sooner? It's true.

As for the flexible light wearing your battery out sooner, all that will happen is that you may need to plug in your laptop to an alternate power source a bit sooner than usual. As with the chill pads, there are some pretty good advantages with the flexible light. It is great for those who work in the dark because they do not want to disturb those around them. It is highly portable and great for individuals that travel. No external power is needed, though you probably already know that. I love the flexible neck, which allows you to position the light exactly how you want it.

Many laptops have a built-in mouse pad and there's no need to add an external keyboard, so your computer's battery lasts for a long period of time. However, once you start adding external devices that require battery power this will put additional strain on your battery. If at all possible, try to stay away from USB gadgets with unnecessary lights on them. The light on my external mouse is the equivalent to the flexible light that you mentioned in your question. I have noticed that my battery lasts a bit longer when I simply use the built-in mouse instead.

Now, I would like to go over some of the USB gadgets with you and tell you a bit about their cool benefits to ease your concerns!

There are so many different USB gadgets out there. They seem to be the newest craze in technology. They have taken many offices by storm. Do you dream of an item that can be powered by juice that comes through a USB cord? Then it more than likely already exists. In fact, the only disadvantage with the USB devices that you plug into the laptop would be the fact that they have to be plugged in. Hopefully, in a couple of years, the devices will start to be wireless, like the mouse and keyboards available for desktop computers.

Besides the chill pad and the flexible light, there are other gadgets out there, which use up a small portion of your laptop battery, but are lots of fun to use from time to time. The first one would be the mood setter. The mood setter is either an incense burner or a colorful light that has a small spinning lamp. What purpose do they serve? They will allow you to take a break and take your mind off of work for a couple of minutes. They help you become more productive at work as they improve your concentration.

You also have efficiency enhancers. These are gadgets that have been created to do a certain task that is needed in order to keep you efficiently working. You have cordless access devices, application switches, wireless connection devices, and portable drives. They give you mobility and versatility by quickly connecting to your USB.

Don't forget about the entertainment USB gadgets. These gadgets come in almost every size, shape and description. Do you remember that popular whack-a-mole game that you played as a child? Would you believe it if we told you that there is a USB gadget that will allow you to do this at home? Do you enjoy playing the piano or guitar? Then there are plenty of USB devices that act like instruments. You also have cartoon characters that sing, spin, play ball, and dance.

In summary Gail, when you are buying these devices that plug into your laptop, it is important that you read reviews on them beforehand. It is also important that you have a budget set and know what you are going to spend. If you do not do this, then you may end up spending more than intended since some of the devices are expensive and you could get carried away with all of these cool doodads. You may also want to consider a backup battery if you are inclined to use many USB devices with your laptop computer – especially at the same time.

~Cory Buford

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Milford asks:

I am alphabetizing my music and would like to print a list of all the files in my music folder. It would be such a hassle to type each one into a document. Can I quickly print the names of all the files in that folder?

Thanks for the question Milford. This is one we get asked all the time. There are programs out there that you can get, in fact we reviewed one called PrintFolders last year...

But you can also make a printable list of a folder's contents without needing third-party software. Here's how:

First you need to open the folder, right-click a blank area in it and select "Properties". Next to where it says "Location" you'll find the path of the file. You could write this down or move the window to the bottom of your screen.


Next you need to get a command prompt. Go to Start/Run and type in "cmd" (without the quotes).

The prompt will most likely be the same as the beginning of your folder path. Move the command window up to the top of your screen so you can see both the command window and the properties window for your folder.

Next to the C prompt type in "cd" (space) followed by the location. For example...

C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq_Owner>cd Desktop\WORK\Cartoons


At the next prompt type in "dir" (space) /B (space) > (space) list.txt. For example...

C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq_Owner\Desktop\WORK\Cartoons>dir /B > list.txt



Type "Exit" to close out the command window.

Now, look in the folder and you'll see a file called "list.txt"รข€”this is your list of folder contents. Open it up and print it out.

~ David

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MS Office

MS PowerPoint 2010: Easily Customized Presentation Handouts

We’ve all seen and used the standard PowerPoint handouts.

Without a doubt they’re often helpful for the audience but let’s face it, there are times when you want to give your audience a bit more in a handout without actually adding that information to the slide.

Given that situation, you’ve got to wonder if there’s a way to easily customize those standard handouts to include more than just the slides and a few blank lines.

While I’m sure there are many feasible solutions to the situation today I’d like to take a look at the Create Handouts feature that’s a part of PowerPoint 2010’s Save & Send set of choices.

To see more, click here.


MS Outlook 2007 & 2010 Calendar: Viewing the Week Number

Sometimes it's helpful, or even necessary, to know what number a particular week is in a year.

There are occasions where it's helpful for reporting information, appointments, etc. Heck, I even find it helpful for keeping track of pay periods. Instead of counting Fridays on a calendar I simply need to know if I'm paid on odd or even week numbers (being paid bi-weekly). Trust me, the whole count Fridays thing in overrated… it's way too easy to miss or double count Fridays when you change from one month to another.

At any rate, whatever use you may find for the week number, here's how you can get Outlook to display that information on your calendars.

First, for those of you with Outlook 2007… here to see more.

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Tip of the Day

YouTube 101

YouTube videos have become a regular source of entertainment and information for millions. They also provide an additional platform for our own informational services here at Worldstart. However, there are some tools provided by YouTube, that may not be familiar to all viewers.

Learn more about those tools here.


SketchUp Basics

I've always found navigating through the three actual dimensions difficult. Numerous bruises and scrapes finally forced me to quit trying to walk and chew gum at the same time. My early attempts at navigating three virtual dimensions in Google SketchUp offered similar challenges (with fewer injuries). Once I got my bearings though, I found Sketchup to be a wonderful, user friendly tool. However, learning some basics helped make that transition much smoother. Hopefully, the tips here will help you enjoy a similar experience.

First a little background.

What is SketchUp?

SketchUp is 3D modeling software, with which you can create and edit nearly anything in 3D. For example, with a model of your house, you can walk around the outside, down the halls, and into the rooms. Of course, you can do that in real life already, so why bother creating a virtual model? Suppose you're considering a remodel. With SketchUp, you can quickly add walls, windows, and doors, or add and move furniture and fixtures. Then you can take a look from any angle. Just about any changes you can make in real life can be accomplished here first, before you lift a finger (or before you smack that finger with a hammer). Frequently, construction ideas sound much better than they look. With SketchUp, you can take the guesswork out of the equation.

Or, you can just have fun.

To begin that fun, click here.

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Amanda's Coolsite

Copy Cat Recipes

Is there something that you love to order when you eat out, but you'd love to know how to make it at home? Well then you've come to the right place.

Here at Copycat Recipes you will find recipes for some of your favorite foods at restaurants so that you can make them at home!

You'll find the recipes in alphabetical order, just scroll down the page to check them out. When you find the one you want, click it, and you'll be taken directly to the recipe that is in an easily printable format.

When you're ready to check out another recipe, just click the back button on your browser to return to the list. At the bottom of the page, you will find more recipes based on type of food. Those recipe categories are: Barbecue, Breads, Brownies, Cakes, Casseroles, Chili, Cobblers, Crockpot, Doughnuts, Pies, Salads, Soups, Easter, St Pat's, Valentine's, and Springtime. So even if you're not looking for a copycat recipe you're sure to find a recipe you'd like!

Check it out today!


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Craft Bits

Welcome to one of my favorite craft sites! There are fun projects here that anyone can craft up!

On the main page, you’ll notice that are five featured projects. If you watch for a moment it will automatically scroll between all of them. When I was there, the crafts were a chenille scarf, an upcycled scarf, a mango scrub, a recycled pullover teddy bear, and a safety pin bracelet. If you want to check out one of the featured crafts, click the View Project link on its image. I’ve tried the mango scrub, and it was fantastic!

Another way of navigating on the main page is to check out the Top Ten Craft list. I think the Neck tie School Bag looks awesome! I might have to make one. Next to that you can see the most recent comments posted onto projects around the site.

The main form of navigation is the orange Project Categories menu on the left side of the page. This breaks all the crafts down into the following categories: Bath and Body, Bead, Candle Making, Christmas, Crochet Patterns, Easter, Gifts in a Jar, Group, Halloween, Holiday, Jewelry Making, Kids, Knitting Patterns, Misc, Paper, Recycled, Scrapbooking, Sewing, Soap Making, Therapy, Valentine’s Day, and Wedding. As you can see there’s a little bit of everything for everyone.

Beneath the categories you’ll find fun areas like:  Most Popular Projects, Crafts for Charity, User Submitted Project Gallery, Craft Gossip Blog Network, and DIY Craft Videos!

Are you ready to dive in and start crafting? I know I am!


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Monthly Wallpaper

Next Generation Technology!
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No Matter Where You Are...
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With PC Everywhere, you'll be able to access your PC from ANYWHERE! As long as you have an internet connected computer and a web browser, you can access and use your remote computer - just like you were actually sitting in front of it.
Think this sounds too good to be true? Better think again.
Just check out how easy this is to use in my video below:
Once you log in, you actually see your remote computer's desktop right in the browser window! It's YOUR screen, YOUR programs, YOUR documents! Here's a screen shot from a recent remote session I had with one of our office computers.
You can see my regular computer's desktop in the background, and right there in the browser window is the remote computer!
It was just like I was there at the office, sitting in front of that computer! I had complete control over everything on it! 
Oh, and it's not just limited to just using the remote computer either (although that part is really sweet)! You can actually download files from the remote computer to the computer you're sitting in front of too! Ever leave a file at home that you really need? No problem - just log onto your home computer and download the file to the computer you're working on! Just run the File Browser and double-click any file you want to download - it's that simple:
Just imagine the uses for this - you're at a friends house and need access to your PC to show them your latest vacation photos - DONE! You're at home and need access to files on your work computer - DONE! You remember you need to finish a document and have access to a public computer - just log on - DONE! You need to look at your e-mail but only have the computer at your hotel - DONE! You're on the road with your laptop and need access to that presentation you left on your home or office PC - DONE!
Oh, and what if there's a webpage at home that you really need access to but you can't remember the link? Hey we've all been there! Sure, you marked it as a favorite on your home computer, but that doesn't help when you're away - unless you have THIS software! It has a Favorites Browser! Just run the Favorites Browser, double-click the link you want, and a browser window will open on your computer and jump to that link! Now THAT'S thinkin'!!!
Yup, with this amazing software, no matter where you are, you can access your PC, all your files, AND all your favorites!
Here's the main features:
1 Remote Desktop
Remotely control your PC from anywhere - and use it as if you were sitting in right front of it!
1 Internet Favorites
No need to try to remember the address of your favorite websites!  Now remotely access your Internet Favorites (bookmarks) from any PC!
1 File Transfer
Transfer multiple files or directories quickly and easily between your PCs - across the room or across the world! WOW!
1 Remote Desktop Search and Send
Find and forward any file or e-mail from your remote PC using Remote Desktop Search. Quick and easy!
1 One-Click Remote Access
Remote Desktop Control, Remote Access to Outlook, Remote File Transfer, Remote Synchronization, and more with only one-click!
1 Download or Upload
With the simple dual-pane interface, download or upload any files or folders that you need.
1 Send Files as Secure Download Links
Send a secure download links instead of  attachments, no matter the size. No more "big attachment" hassles or long upload times!
1 Synchronize Folders
Use Laplink's patented SpeedSync technology to quickly and easily sync between your PCs.
I mean, think about it. How many times have you been in a situation where you wished you could access something on a computer that was miles and miles away? Maybe it's nothing more than a web site you want to share with a friend, or perhaps it's a critical document or presentation that could cost you thousands. Maybe you have software installed on your remote PC that's not on your laptop - but you need to use it anyway. No matter what, this software can give save the day!
I'll give you a real world example of just how cool this is - I have been on the road with my laptop a lot lately, but my main computer is the one at home. So, I installed this software. What a difference! Traveling has never been so EASY! Now when I'm on the road with my laptop, I simply log into my home computer to work! I completely run the office from my home computer- just like I normally do! It's like I'm sitting right in front of it! Talk about awesome!
OK, I know what you're thinking - "Is this safe?"
YES! It uses the same technology as online banking! We're talking mind-blowing, bullet-proof security here! You're computer is in way more danger of being physically stolen than hacked into because of this software! It really couldn't be safer!
Oh, and setup is easier than fallin' off a wet slippery log! First, you just install the software on the PC you want to access. Easy enough! Once the software is installed, you create a username and password. That's it! You're ready to log onto your computer - from anywhere!
What's next? Oh you are gonna just LOVE this! Once you're setup, you'll have a web address you can access (you can easily log on via LapLink's site if you forget the address, so no worries there, in fact, that's how I normally do it). From there, just log in with your username and password - in seconds you'll see YOUR remote computer in your web browser, have access to your e-mail, have all your files at your fingertips, be able to run any or all of your programs, or even access your internet favs! Again, not only can you SEE your remote computer, you can completely access it - From ANYWHERE!! Plus, it's soooooooo easy to use - as long as you can type in a user name and password, you're qualified to use it!
Here's the page you log into your remote computer from:
Heck, if you use it a lot with the same computer, they even have a handy Toolbar for your browser that makes logging in even easier!
You may have even seen this type of thing in action before. If you've ever been with a tech support rep and had them remotely access your computer (kind of fun watching your mouse move around on its own, lol), then you've seen this type of technology in action! Now, YOU can do the same thing!
OK, what if you don't have a computer handy? Good question! Turns out the geniuses over at Laplink thought of that too! If you have a web-enabled smartphone (like a BlackBerry, iPhone, etc) you can still access and even download your PC's files with it! 
Just think - from this point on, you will NEVER be without access to your computer (or computers)! No matter where you are, all you need to access your computer is a web browser! You could be at the office, at a friends, at a public computer in the library! It's JUST like you're sitting in front of your computer - only you're miles (or thousands of miles) away! You can mouse all over, access your programs, type up documents or e-mails, even browse the web! WHATEVER you can normally do with your PC, you can do it with this - REMOTELY - with nothing more than a web browser! It's the coolest thing ever!
OK, I know what you're thinking - this doesn't sound cheap! Well, normally you'd be right, but we made an amazing deal with LapLink and got ya a HUGE discount! This normally sells for 50 bucks - and frankly that's a pretty good price considering what this does. However, we have it for just $16.97 and US shipping is FREE! This is the current version too - version 5!! Is that incredible or what? You're getting the CURRENT $50 program for just $16.97!!
Plus, unlike services like GoToMyPc.Com there is absolutely, positively NO monthly subscription fee! You pay $16.97 and get to use it forever!!! Heck, GoToMyPc.Com charges $19.99 per MONTH!! You get a BETTER program for a ONE-TIME price of $16.97! You'd have to be crazier than an outhouse rat to skip this deal!!
Only a limited number available for this special offer, so you'd better RUN to the site ASAP!! Don't miss out:
PS - Just think - for what amounts to lunch money, you'll be able to access your PC from anywhere at anytime! Don't miss out - this has to be the coolest software we've ever offered! It won't last!! Hurry!
WARNING - This is a VERY limited quantity deal!! Once the small number we have available is gone, we can't get any more! This is a one time, once-they're gone-they're-gone kind of deal!! Get to the site FAST!!

Monthly Wallpaper
September Wallpaper

Here's this month's free calendar wallpaper! As always, it's 100% free, so head on over and grab one!

Smoky Mountain Stream
Buck In Stream
Smoky Mountain Falls
It's all free, so enjoy!

All can be found here:


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