Thursday, June 18, 2009

Windows 7 E Q&A - Win 7 downgrade caps; Intel's re-naming game; Ubuntu really a minor player? | ZDNet Must-Read News

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charles | Thursday, June 18, 2009
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More questions (and answers) about Windows 7 E

Mary Jo Foley: Here are a few more tidbits about what users and developers can expect from the European version of Windows 7, slated to be commercially available on October 22.


Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: IE8 "Get the facts" campaign - light on facts
Zack Whittaker: Will someone pull out the IE life support machine?
Dancho Danchev: Fake Microsoft patch malware spreading


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More Top Stories

Intel's name game - reduce complexity

Sam Diaz: What's in a name? If you're Intel, there's plenty of brand equity in names like Atom, Centrino, Core and Pentium. But there's also a fair share of confusion, too, among consumers and IT buyers.


Andrew Nusca: Intel drops Centrino, explains Core i3, i5, i7 branding

Ubuntu a minor player? Not outside the States

Christopher Dawson: One thing I recently learned - there are a lot of people outside the United States doing a lot of incredibly innovative things in education and that many of them are doing it cheaply with Linux.


Dana Blankenhorn: Will Ubuntu remain a minor player?


How much do your peers earn?

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Microsoft caps Win 7 to XP downgrades

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft has gone public with a piece of its Windows 7 to XP downgrade guarantee that it refused to make official until Wednesday: The end date.


iPhone 3G S expectations: 500,000 units sold

Larry Dignan: With Apple's iPhone 3G S hitting stores on Friday analysts are starting to guess how many units will be sold over the weekend. One expects half the number of what the iPhone 3G sold.


Review: iPhone 3G s
Jason D. O'Grady: 96+ new features in iPhone 3.0

iPhone app features Sirius 'Lite'

Larry Dignan: Many of the reasons folks sign up for Sirius XM are missing from its iPhone and iPod touch application. For starters, Howard Stern, MLB and NFL aren?t available on the Sirius XM iPhone application.



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