Thursday, June 25, 2009

Windows 7 'Screaming deals'; Shockwave flaw hits millions; Apple's secret society [TECH UPDATE]

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ZDNet Tech Update Today
charles | Thurs., June 25, 2009
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'Screaming deals' for Windows 7

'Screaming deals' for Windows 7 Ed Bott: Microsoft unveils its "special, time-limited offers" for anyone willing to order a Windows 7 upgrade more than three months before the software officially goes on sale. But what happens to pricing when the promotion ends? Here's the bottom line for upgrades and full packaged product.


Mary Jo Foley: Is Windows 7 pricing too high, too low, or just right?
Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: What's really new in Windows 7? Not much
If you're running the Windows 7 beta, time is running out
Can your hardware support Windows XP Mode in Windows 7?
The PC replacement cycle: Will Windows 7 light the fuse?


Unrivaled Red Hat support now available from Novell

Get top-ranked Novell support for your Existing Red Hat Environment

Critical Adobe Shockwave flaw affects millions

Critical Adobe Shockwave flaw affects millions Ryan Naraine: Adobe's Shockwave Player contains a critical vulnerability that could be exploited by remote hackers to take complete control of Windows computers, according to a warning from the software maker.


Guy Kawasaki's Twitter account hijacked, pushes Windows and Mac malware
Top 7 reasons to quit Linux? How about 7 reasons to try it
Remote code execution exploit for Green Dam in the wild'

Microsoft: Outlook's not broken

Microsoft: Outlook's not broken Mary Jo Foley: Some Outlook users are hoping against hope that an online campaign might result in Microsoft backtracking with Outlook 2010 and going back to HTML rendering. But Microsoft doesn't plan to fix anything.


Fake Microsoft patches themed malware campaigns spreading
Google Apps Sync cuts off Outlook's desktop search
Google Apps: With Outlook sync, feel free to dump Exchange

Apple's secret society

Apple's secret society Jason D. O'Grady: It's well known that Apple is one of the most secretive companies in Silicon Valley, if not the world. But at what point does that secrecy adversely affect products, or worse, become illegal?


Buffett: Steve Jobs' surgery was a "material fact"; should have been disclosed
Court allows Apple-Psystar case to resume


Unrivaled Red Hat support now available from Novell

Get top-ranked Novell support for your Existing Red Hat Environment

HP's new 13-in. ProBook 4310s offers Core 2 Duo, discrete GPU; starts $799

HP's new 13-in. ProBook 4310s offers Core 2 Duo, discrete GPU; starts $799 Andrew Nusca: HP has announced the 4.34-lb., 13.3-in. ProBook 4310s laptop for small and midsize businesses and mobile professionals. With Core 2 Duo and discrete ATI graphics among the options, it's a compelling 13-inch system.


New HP mini 5101 netbook adds aluminum chassis; chiclet keyboard
Toshiba debuts six new Satellite L Series budget laptops; start at $549
Lenovo debuts 0.83-in. thick ThinkPad T400s business laptop

Blu-ray buzzkill: the death-spiral

Blu-ray buzzkill: the death-spiral Robin Harris: Will consumers upgrade to Blu-ray? The CEO & co-founder of fast growing Netflix believes mailed DVDs shall be replaced by web-sent movies. And a recent poll finds that people today are less likely to buy a Blu-ray player than they were last year.


Holy Betamax, Batman! Blu-ray is still barely beating out HD-DVD
Poll: Blu-ray adoption is slow; big challenges ahead

Featured TalkBack Blog

Does the iPhone 3G S replace the need for Flip?

Rachel King: Lots of gadget pundits are hypothesizing that the new Apple iPhone 3G S will put mini-camcorders such as the Flip out of business. Is it really true?


What do you think?
Post Your Thoughts in TalkBack

Reader TalkBacks
Ubuntu aims at healing Linux's 'paper cuts'
"Papercuts? More like deep stab wounds that require major surgery." -- Loverock Davidson

What's really new in Windows 7? The answer, not much!
"You could've said the same thing about the OS9-OSX switch." -- JoeMama_z

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HTC Hero hands-on photos

HTC Hero hands-on photos We take a close look at HTC's Hero, the company's third handset to sport the Google Android operating system.


Lenovo ThinkPad T400s business thin-and-light laptop
First look: Microsoft Security Essentials beta
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Skooba Checkthrough Brief helps speed you through airport security Matthew Miller: It's no small task to get through airport security, but checkpoint bags have made it a little easier. The first thing I noticed with Skooba's Checkthrough Brief was the high quality material with which the bag was constructed.


Panasonic DMP-B15K portable DVD player
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Running Microsoft Security Essentials

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SanDisk announces world's fastest 32GB SDHC card

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The Web's top 50 destinations in May 2009

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Videos and Podcasts

WWDC 2009: Apple unveils iPhone 3G S

WWDC 2009: Apple unveils iPhone 3G S At Apple's WWDC in San Francisco, Apple's SVP of marketing, Philip Schiller, shows off a new, speedier iPhone. The iPhone 3G S features a 3-megapixel camera and can shoot video at 30 frames per second. The phone is available next week in the U.S and some other countries.


WWDC 2009: Apple previews Safari 4

WWDC 2009: Apple previews Safari 4 At Apple's WWDC in San Francisco, the company's VP of Mac OS engineering, Craig Federighi, shows off improved features of Safari 4, including faster display speeds and full history search.


A look at high-speed autonomous driving

A look at high-speed autonomous driving At JavaOne in San Francisco, Calif., Volkswagen's Marcial Hernandez and Sun's Greg Bollella detail Project Bixby, an Audi TTS programmed by Volkswagen and using a Java runtime environment. The vehicle will then be raced on a Rally course against other automated vehicles.


WWDC 2009: Apple highlights Snow Leopard features

WWDC 2009: Apple highlights Snow Leopard features At Apple's WWDC in San Francisco, the company's SVP of Mac OS engineering, Craig Federighi, demos the Snow Leopard version of the operating system. For current Leopard users, the new OS--due in September--will be upgradable for $29.


WWDC 2009: New 15-inch MacBook Pro revealed

WWDC 2009: New 15-inch MacBook Pro revealed At Apple's WWDC in San Francisco, Apple's vice president of product marketing, Philip Schiller, shows off the company's latest MacBook Pro. The new notebook has a 3.06GHz processor, a unibody architecture, and a built-in lithium polymer battery. Schiller adds that customers shouldn't need to change battery in a notebook at all in five years.


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