Wednesday, November 11, 2009

[11/05] Win7 UAC Ineffective: Sophos | Apple Targets Win7 with Google Ad-Bombs

Infopackets Email Newsletter: Thursday, Nov 05, 2009
Welcome to the next edition of the Infopackets Newsletter, featuring: MS Windows and technology news, software reviews, tech tips, weekly desktop games, plus 2 freeware goodies daily -- now that's a mouthful! ;-)

> Why is it important to update your Drivers?
Drivers are a key component of the Operating System. In the simplest sense,
a driver is a software program. A driver is the liaison between the hardware
of your computer and the operating system (MS Windows).
Without a driver, a device simply won't work. Without a proper driver, a
device may function erratically. And in almost 99.99% of all cases, drivers
need to be updated regularly to eliminate previous bugs that cause
instability with Windows, lock ups, and crashes.
Hence, keeping your drivers up to date is key to the health and performance
of your PC.
Do your drivers need updating?
Read the review -- and do a FREE scan, right now!

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> In This Issue: At a Glance
>>> Today's Headlines
--> Apple Targets Win7 Search with Google Ad-Bombs
--> Win7 User Account Control (UAC) Inffective: Sophos
--> On this Day in History: for Thursday, Nov 05, 2009
--> Windows Game of the Week: Zuma's Revenge! - Adventure
--> Freeware Picks of the Day: 'Dataminer', and 'Disable Last Access
>>> Incase You Missed It -- Yesterday's Top Stories
--> UK to Spend $330M a Year to Track Citizens Online
--> Win7 has Yet to Boost Browser, Market Share for MS
>>> Further Down ...
--> Got a Tech Question? Ask Dennis!
--> More Detail: Today's News + Synopsis and Link
--> Recommended Software: Please Support Our Site
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> Capture, Edit, Share, Organize -- Snagit makes it easy
Capture any size image your PC can handle in a snap!
With Snagit, you can:
--> Capture and Share -- it's fast and easy.
--> Capture any image size, or even a scrolling page!
--> Grab exactly what you want, when you want it, every time.
There's no easier way to share what you see and spread your images everywhere!
Try Snagit free!

> Got a Tech Question? Ask Dennis!
Got a tech question? Email us using the link below and we'll feature the
best Questions and Answers in upcoming newsletters.

> Today's Headlines: With Synopsis (plus link to story)
>>> Apple Targets Win7 Search with Google Ad-Bombs
With Microsoft grabbing all the headlines of late with its brand-
spanking new Windows 7 operating system (OS), Apple has made its bid to
turn consumer attention away from their Redmond-based ...
>>> Win7 User Account Control (UAC) Inffective: Sophos
One of the most visible changes in Windows 7 is that the User Account
Control (UAC) system has been made less irritating than with Vista.
However, a security firm says that less hassle comes with a ...
>>> UK to Spend $330M a Year to Track Citizens Online (20091104)
According to reports, Britain will spend 200 million British Pound
Sterling per year (equivalent to $330M US Dollars, or $627 per minute),
in a massive expansion of its surveillance networks. The new ...
>>> Win7 has Yet to Boost Browser, Market Share for MS (20091104)
There's no doubt that plenty of excitement has built up around
Microsoft with less than two weeks since the launch of Windows 7.
However, as of yet that hasn't translated to better market share ...

> On This Day in History: Thursday, Nov 05, 2009
On this Day in History -- November 05
Famous people born on this day:
--> 1857, Ida Tarbell, muckraker (Standard Oil was VERY unhappy.)
--> 1912, Roy Rogers, Happy Trails to you, Roy & Trigger. And Dale, too.
--> 1941, Art Garfunkel, singer, songwriter, Paul's partner.
--> 1941, Elke Sommer, actress.
--> 1963, Tatum O'Neal, actress.
Events on this day in history:
--> 1781, John Hanson elected first "President of the United States in
Congress assembled. "This happened 8 years before Washington was elected.
--> 1895, First US patent granted for the automobile, to George B Selden.
--> 1935, The Parker Brothers launch the game of Monopoly.
--> 1984, A world record is set for belly dancing (106 hours).
And don't forget...
--> Guy Fawkes Day, celebrated in the UK.

> Windows Game of the Week: Zuma's Revenge! - Adventure
Survive a newly evolved world of Zuma where evil tiki bosses rule the land
in Zuma's Revenge! Conquer 60 levels by firing stone spheres to destroy the
deadly stream of balls. Stay sharp and avoid hidden traps as you match
three or more balls to make them disappear. Slide and hop for smarter
shots; hit targets for exotic bonuses; battle six imposing tiki bosses, and
guide your agile amphibian to victory! Key Features Stay Sharp And Avoid
Hidden Traps! Conquer 60 Adventure Levels! Try New Explosive Power Ups! Can
YOU Defeat The Tiki Bosses? Requirements OS: Windows XP, Vista Memory:....

> Freeware Picks of the Day: 'Dataminer', and 'Disable Last Access
This program recovers lost files from a damaged optical disc (CD or DVD).
Use it to rescue your important files from a scratched disc or even an
accidentally overwritten rewriteable disc. The program can heuristically
recognize various kinds of files, such as .BMP, .ICO, .CUR, .ANI, .AVI,
.CDA, .WAV, and more.
Disable Last Access Timestamp
Speed up your sluggish Windows XP operating system by disabling automatic
file timestamps. It's a handy little method to squeeze every little bit of
juice out of an old, ailing ...

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