Wednesday, November 11, 2009

[11/11] Win7 for Cheap: 3 Ways, Big Discounts | Motorized La-Z-Boy Nets Police $10k

Infopackets Email Newsletter: Wednesday, Nov 11, 2009
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> " It not only cleans up the mess AFTER you've been infected ... "
... It also prevents your computer from being infected *in the first place!*
HoW's ThAt PoSsIbLe?

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>>> Today's Headlines
--> Gmail Notifier
--> MS Evidence Extractor 'COFEE' Leaked via File-Sharing
--> Seized Motorized La-Z-Boy Nets Police Over $10,000
--> Win7 for Cheap: 3 Ways to Get Big, Legit Discounts
--> On this Day in History: for Wednesday, Nov 11, 2009
--> Windows Game of the Week: Zombie Bowl-O-Rama
--> Freeware Picks of the Day: 'Translate Client', and 'Dvd Knife'
>>> Incase You Missed It -- Yesterday's Top Stories
--> Google Buys Skype Rival, May Revolutionize Phone Industry
--> New PC Virus Delivers Illicit Child Photos as Payload
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> Big Name Tech Sites Speak Out About DriverScanner 2009
DriverScanner comes Highly Recommended --
... but don't take our word for it!
Here's what other big-name techies had to say about UniBlue DriveScanner 2009:
" DriverScanner takes a good deal of the pain out of finding and
updating old drivers, which can help improve system stability and
performance. " – Erik Larkin, PC World
" ... the software's core features work as expected, it is very easy
to use, and the service provided is valuable. " - J. F. Amprimoz,
" Considering what I do for a living, and how fastidious I am in
system maintenance, I was very impressed. " – Bill Mullins, Tech
If you like the sound of that –- and who wouldn't?! –- read on to find out
how you can get a FREE system scan plus a specially-negotiated, Infopackets
exclusive 30% discount on DriveScanner 2009, today!
... but hurry: deal ends Feb 13th!
Read the review and do a FREE scan, right now!

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> Today's Headlines: With Synopsis (plus link to story)
>>> Gmail Notifier
Tired of checking your Gmail? Have more than one gmail account? Gmail
Notifier is the perfect solution for you - and its free! Gmail Notifier
alerts you when you have new email messages in your ...
>>> MS Evidence Extractor 'COFEE' Leaked via File-Sharing
Software designed by Microsoft to help law enforcement individuals
access encrypted data has been leaked onto the web and available to the
public via file-sharing services. The software, which is ...
>>> Seized Motorized La-Z-Boy Nets Police Over $10,000
A Minnesota man caught driving a recliner (yes, you read that right)
under the influence has seen his beloved chair sold at auction for a
surprising sum. Minnesota's Dennis LeRoy Anderson built the ...
>>> Win7 for Cheap: 3 Ways to Get Big, Legit Discounts
If you have yet to make the switch to Windows 7, perhaps because of
financial reasons, then you are wise. There are a number of ways to get
your hands on the upgrade for a discounted price, proving ...
>>> Google Buys Skype Rival, May Revolutionize Phone Industry (20091110)
According to TechCrunch, Google is reported to have paid $30 million
for Internet phone call company Gizmo5. It could be a major boost for
Google Voice, but may also raise further interest among ...
>>> New PC Virus Delivers Illicit Child Photos as Payload (20091110)
One of the most malicious computer viruses ever created has been
launched against unsuspecting users. Rather than jeopardize the
financial well being of an individual, however, this new form of ...

> On This Day in History: Wednesday, Nov 11, 2009
On this Day in History -- November 11
Famous people born on this day:
--> 1821, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, author, "Crime and Punishment."
--> 1885, General George S. Patton. "Old Blood and Guts."
--> 1904, Alger Hiss
--> 1904, Sam Spiegel
--> 1922, Kurt Vonnegut Jr., author.
--> 1925, Johnathon Winters, actor, comedian.
--> 1962, Demi Moore, actress.
--> 1964, Calista Flockhart, actress.
--> 1974, Leonardo Dicaprio, "Jack" Titanic.
Events on this day in history:
--> 1790, Chrysanthemums are introduced into England from China --
Spelling bee judges cheer!
--> 1889, Washington admitted as the 42nd state.
--> 1918, World War I ends.
--> 1924, Palace of Legion of Honor is dedicated.
--> 1982, Space Shuttle "Columbia" makes first commercial flight.
And don't forget...
--> The REAL Veteran's Day. They fought for your freedom. Remember them!

> Windows Game of the Week: Zombie Bowl-O-Rama
The Zombies have taken over your favorite bowling lanes, and it's up to you
to send 'em back to the graveyard where they belong! Select a colorful
character and your favorite ball to take on the attacking Zombies...with a
few tricks and treats. Give a whole new meaning to Zombie strike when you
set 'em up and take 'em down with cool power ups and tricky obstacles. Bowl
or Beware, Zombies! Key Features Bowl Through To The Big Showdown! 10
Terrifying Balls To Choose From! Use Crafty Tricks Like Werewolves and
Dance Fever! Bowl With Delectable Brains and Meatballs! Requirements OS:

> Freeware Picks of the Day: 'Translate Client', and 'Dvd Knife'
Translate Client
Get an instant translation via Google Translate Service by simply selecting
text in your web browser and using Translate Client. Usually, translating a
webpage or a piece of text can be a tiresome process: you need to visit
Google Translator website, copy/paste the text, then choose the language.
Using Translate Client is a much quicker and more convenient solution.
DVD Knife
DVD Knife is a simple tool for extracting DVD clips from your DVDs. Only
three steps are needed to extract a clip. Share This: ...

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