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Special Edition: The Year in Review - Top Stories of 2009 [ZDNet Week in Review]

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ZDNet Week in Review
charles | Friday, January 01, 2010

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This special year-end edition highlights many of our top stories of the year. ZDNet Week in Review will resume its regular publication schedule Friday, January 8, 2010. Happy New Year!

The Year in Review 2009 Windows 7, Oracle-Sun, Google, gadgets, cell phones, netbooks, browsers, Chrome, clouds, security, and the social revolution are just some of the top stories from 2009 as ZDNet takes a look back at the year in technology and how it affected you.

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Must-Read News Stories of The Year

Ryan Naraine: A recently conducted test by malware researchers reveals that eight out of ten malware samples used in the test, successfully bypassed Windows 7's default UAC (user access control) settings.

Andrew Nusca: Conficker wakes up, updates, drops payload

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Ryan Naraine: Mozilla's flagship Firefox browser is vulnerable to at least 11 "critical" vulnerabilities that expose users to drive-by download attacks that require no user interaction beyond normal browsing.

Microsoft exposes Firefox users to drive-by malware downloads

55,000 Web sites hacked to serve up malware cocktail

Jason D. O'Grady: Several posts on the Apple Support forums (1, 2) dating back to 12 September indicate that some users have been losing all their data due to a nasty bug in Snow Leopard, a.k.a. Mac OS 10.6.

Snow Leopard update squashes bugs

Ryan Naraine: Security researchers have stumbled upon a new piece of ransomware that blocks an infected computer from accessing the Internet until a fee is paid via SMS (text message).

Facebook password-reset spam is Bredolab botnet attack

Researchers find insecure BIOS 'rootkit' pre-loaded in laptops

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Top Picks of The Year

Seven perfectly legal ways to get Windows 7 cheap (or even free) Ed Bott: If you've read any reviews of Windows 7, you've seen references to its price list, which ranges from $120 for a Home Premium upgrade to $320 for a fully licensed copy of Windows 7 Ultimate. Well, guess what? You don't have to pay that much.

Windows 7 setup secrets

Six Vista annoyances fixed in Windows 7

Can you upgrade an old XP PC to Windows 7? Should you?

All about Windows 7

Mary Jo Foley: Windows 8: More early clues start to emerge

Benchmarks: Windows 7 RTM versus Vista, XP Now that the final version of Windows 7 has been released to manufacturing, it's time to find out how much of an improvement or not it will make over its predecessors, Windows XP and Windows Vista. Kai Schmerer of ZDNet Germany put all three operating systems under the microscope and here's what he discovered.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Windows 7 vs. Ubuntu 9.10 - Strengths and weaknesses

Windows 7 RC 32-bit vs. Vista SP1 32-bit - Gaming shootout

The decade's 25 biggest tech flops slideshow After nearly 10 years of working at CNET, executive editor David Carnoy looks back at the most hyped tech products that didn't pan out as planned -- or just flat out bombed.

First look at Windows 7 beta 1

Boeing 787 Dreamliner's first flight

21 changes to look for in the Windows 7 Release Candidate

Palm Pre device running Palm Web OS

More Photo Galleries

Will your Mac boot 64-bit Snow Leopard by default? Not unless it's an Xserve Jason D. O'Grady: If the current developer seed (build 10A432) of Snow Leopard is indeed the Golden Master version (as has been highly rumored) only Xserves will be able to boot into 64-bit version of Mac OS 10.6 by default.

Hold 6 and 4 keys at boot to enable 64-bit Snow Leopard

Mac OS X Snow Leopard: What price?

The $200 "Mac"

Ubuntu Karmic Koala launches Dana Blankenhorn: Ubuntu 9:10, known as Karmic Koala, has officially been launched at Ubuntu. It comes in desktop and server editions, which have been getting wildly different reviews.

Gallery: Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

Will Ubuntu remain a minor player

7 reasons why Windows 7 will not wreck Ubuntu

Christopher Dawson: Yes, Ubuntu can absolutely be the default Windows alternative

Dana Blankenhorn: The Linux laptops of 2009

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: How does Windows 7 beta 1 compare to Vista and XP in terms of performance? That's a question that's been hitting my inbox regularly. Let's see if we can't answer it!
How do you think Windows 7 compares to Vista and XP?
Post Your Thoughts in TalkBack

Google's Chrome OS: Will you give up desktop apps? Larry Dignan: Google released the Chrome OS to the open source community, laid out its security vision and promised to deliver a simple operating system.

Sam Diaz: Live from Googleplex: Chrome OS details revealed

Rachel King: Google Chrome OS has arrived as free VMWare download

Gallery: Chrome OS revealed

Acer announces first Google Chrome OS netbook

Droid Preview: iPhone's first real competition has arrived Jason D. O'Grady: I've been testing the new Droid mobile phone from Motorola running on Verizon Wireless for a couple of days and have to admit to being impressed by way the new handset has filled many of the gaps left by the iPhone.

Motorola DROID on Verizon: Is this the iPhone killer you're looking for?

Jason Perlow: My First Week With DROID

Gallery: Droid vs. iPhone - battle of the screens

Gallery: Droid by Motorola and Verizon Wireless

Special Coverage: DROID takes on iPhone

Top ZDNet Videocasts
The lightbulb of the future?

The lightbulb of the future? Silicon Valley's Luxim has developed a lightbulb the size of a Tic Tac that gives off as much light as a streetlight.'s Michael Kanellos talks to the company about its technology and its plans to expand into various markets.

Sex, games and videotape

Samsung introduces flat-panel wireless TV

Windows 7 demo: Windows XP Mode

Windows 7: A worthwhile upgrade?

More ZDNet Videocasts

Andrew Nusca asked ZDNet readers what free, lightweight applications they simply can't live without. After tallying the suggestions in the comments and via e-mail - here are the 25 most popular.

Ed Bott: My 10 favorite Windows programs of all time

More Top News and Blogs

The "no bull" guide to Conficker -- Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

Pigs do fly: Microsoft unleashes 20,000 lines of Linux code-- Mary Jo Foley

The Web's most dangerous keywords to search for -- Dancho Danchev

Nine worst social media fails of 2009... thus far -- Jennifer Leggio

Hardware 2.0 'Very Best Kit List' for May/Jun 09 -- Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

PhotoSketch: better than sliced bread, Photoshop -- Andrew Mager

Microsoft to laid-off workers: Give us back our money -- Sam Diaz

Swine Flu: Where to find virus, track outbreak, learn symptoms, more -- Andrew Nusca

Obama's new BlackBerry: The NSA's secure PDA? -- Declan McCullagh

Oracle buys Sun; Now owns Java; Becomes a hardware player -- Larry Dignan

Microsoft will allow Windows 7 users to downgrade to XP -- Mary Jo Foley

Shocking discovery harnesses free energy -- Harry Fuller

Hackers steer clear of Google Chrome, say too challenging -- Garett Rogers

Is IE8 really fat and slow? -- Ed Bott

Icahn to resign from Yahoo board -- Sam Diaz

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Videos and Podcasts

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The decade in tech: Top 5 stories of the 00s Executive Editor Charles Cooper talks to ZDNet Editor in Chief Larry Dignan about the five most important tech events of the decade and what they mean for the technology industry going forward.
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