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[11/23] Rumor: Windows 8 Due in 2012 | Apple Won't Fix Smokers' Macs


Infopackets Email Newsletter: Monday, Nov 23, 2009


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> Is your PC Optimized?


If your computer is slow, prone to freezing up at the worst times, or loses
data for no apparent reason, the answer is probably NO.

So what are you going to do about it?

Just keep letting it happen? The answer to that is definitely NO.

You're going to pick up Ashampoo's WinOptimizer 6, which gives your machine
a total tune-up at the click of a button.

Read our full review and get up to 60% off your own copy by following this



> Is Maintaining Your Computer Hardware Driving YoU CrAzY?


Here's a question for you:

How dedicated are you to keeping your computer in tip-top shape?

Because if you want to do this you need to maintain your drivers -- the
files which make sure your hardware works properly with Windows.

There are two options for updating your drivers.

Option 1):

(a) Make a list of every device plugged in to your computer.

(b) Next, track down the manufacturer of each piece of hardware.

(c) Now, find and visit the website of the manufacturer and hunt for the driver
update page.

(d) Check if the latest driver update is newer than the one you have.

(e) If so, download and install it -- but make sure it's the right one,
otherwise you may disable your hardware by mistake.

(f) Move on to the next component and repeat the process.

We're not going to pretend option 1 is complicated: it's a pretty simple
process ...


But, boy-oh-boy, does it take a long time!


... So much so that you'd probably hire an IT expert to do it if only you
could afford their steep wages.

Thank goodness there's an Option 2!

Read on to find what it is:



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>>> Today's Headlines

--> Apple Refuses To Fix Smokers' Computers

--> Rumor: Microsoft's Windows 8 Due in 2012

--> On this Day in History: for Monday, Nov 23, 2009

--> Windows Game of the Week: Department 42: The Mystery of the Nine

--> Freeware Picks of the Day: 'Default Programs Editor', and 'Windows
Easy Transfer'

>>> Incase You Missed It -- Last Friday's Top Stories

--> Microsoft Office 2010 Public Beta Underway Now

--> Report: Google Readying 7-Second PC Start-Up Software

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> Today's Headlines: With Synopsis (plus link to story)


>>> Apple Refuses To Fix Smokers' Computers

If you run over your computer with a monster truck, stick dynamite in
the USB slot or attach it to a Slinky and roll it down the stairway,
you can reasonably expect to lose any warranty or cover care ...


>>> Rumor: Microsoft's Windows 8 Due in 2012

Is Microsoft already looking beyond Windows 7 to Windows 8? Well, it
can't hurt to be prepared. In a recent presentation at the Los Angeles
Professional Developers Conference, Microsoft's Steven ...


>>> Microsoft Office 2010 Public Beta Underway Now (20091120)

Although the next version of Microsoft's very popular Office software
isn't set to ship until the new year, the Redmond-based firm recently
unveiled a public beta allowing interested users to try new ...


>>> Report: Google Readying 7-Second PC Start-Up Software (20091120)

Google appears on the verge of releasing software capable of starting
up a PC as fast as a television set. The speedy start up software is
said to be linked with the Google Chrome operating system ...



> On This Day in History: Monday, Nov 23, 2009


On this Day in History -- November 23

Famous people born on this day:

--> 1804, Franklin Pierce, 14th President from (1853 - 1857).

--> 1887, Boris Karloff, boogey-man.

Events on this day in history:

--> 1852, Just past midnight, a sharp jolt causes Lake Merced to drop 30

--> 1863, patent granted for a process of making color photographs.

--> 1889, The first jukebox is installed, at a saloon in San Francisco.

--> 1986, Vincent Paxton, sets a new world record, by playing his guitar
for 300 consecutive hours.


> Windows Game of the Week: Department 42: The Mystery of the Nine


Join Department 42, a secret organization devoted to protecting the world
from black magic. As your first assignment, you have to track down nine
malevolent artifacts that disappeared during a mysterious fire at Grimstone
Mansion! Explore strange locations and solve clever puzzles to protect
mankind from a new nightmare and restore order before the sun rises on a
dark new age! Key Features Recover Stolen Artifacts! Cure Werewolves! 20
Challenging Puzzles! Protect The World From Black Magic! Requirements OS:
Windows XP, Vista Memory: 512 MB Microsoft DirectX (free): 9.0c CPU: P ...



> Freeware Picks of the Day: 'Default Programs Editor', and 'Windows Easy


Default Programs Editor

Default Programs Editor is a powerful but simple file association utility
for Windows. It is a context menu editor, an autoplay editor, and default
programs association editor, essentially, it gives you the ability to edit
the settings in the Default Programs Control Panel page. It's a replacement
for the File Types dialog in Windows XP, and brings some key features of
TweakUI to Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Windows Easy Transfer

Use Windows Easy Transfer to copy your files, photos, music, e-mail, ...



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