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[12/08] Migrating to Win7: Mount Your XP Drive Image | Win7 Hidden Bonus


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> Before you Take the Windows 7 Plunge ...


Know this:

1. If you're moving from Windows XP to Windows 7, you will need to do a
"Fresh Install" of Windows. This means that ALL your programs will need to
be reinstalled and re-setup AGAIN. If each program is configured a certain
way (example: contacts from your address book via your email program),
you will most definitely want to re-inject this data back into Windows 7
rather than re-enter it manually.

2. Using Acronis True Image 2010 can help you re-inject this data by
allowing you to search for and extract specific configuration files (example:
bookmarks, email contacts, etc) from your backup. This will SIGNIFICANTLY
reduce the time it takes to migrate from XP to Windows 7.

3. Unless you're 110% sure where all your user configuration files are
stored (in random places) on your C Drive, you *really* should backup your
entire C drive before before Windows 7 is installed. Acronis True Image
is by far the best tool to use to do this.


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>>> Today's Headlines

--> Migrating to Win7: How to Mount Your XP Drive Image

--> Windows 7 Hidden Bonus: Ad-Hoc Networking

--> On this Day in History: for Tuesday, Dec 08, 2009

--> Windows Game of the Week: Warblade

--> Freeware Picks of the Day: 'Seadragon', and 'Win7 Security Compliance

>>> Incase You Missed It -- Yesterday's Top Stories

--> Microsoft Zero Day IE8 Flaw: Patch Coming Tuesday

--> Upgrading XP to Win7: How to Make the Transition Easy

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> Today's Headlines: With Synopsis (plus link to story)


>>> Migrating to Win7: How to Mount Your XP Drive Image

I've decided to put together step-by-step instructions on how to use
Acronis True Image 2010 to migrate from Windows XP to Windows 7. I'm
doing this for two reasons: 1. We currently have a sale on ...


>>> Windows 7 Hidden Bonus: Ad-Hoc Networking

A Windows blogger has discovered that a feature supposedly removed from
the starter edition of Windows 7 is in fact simply hidden. Thus, users
of the new operating system (OS) can easily access the ...


>>> Microsoft Zero Day IE8 Flaw: Patch Coming Tuesday (20091204)

Microsoft's next Patch Tuesday fix will solve a reported twelve
security flaws, none more important than an Internet Explorer 8
vulnerability that the software company itself has marked "critical",


>>> Upgrading XP to Win7: How to Make the Transition Easy (20091207)

Update 12:45PM EST: Note that at the very bottom of the article is the
link for the 25% discount. Sale ends December 21st. Read the full
review now or click here to get discount now. Enjoy! Acronis ...




> On This Day in History: Tuesday, Dec 08, 2009


On this Day in History -- December 08

Famous people born on this day:

--> 1861, William Durant, founded General Motors Corp.

--> 1865, Jean Sibelius, major Scandinavian composer.

--> 1894, James Thurber, humorist.

--> 1925, Sammy Davis Jr. entertainer.

--> 1933, Flip Wilson

--> 1953, Kim Basinger, actress.

--> 1964, Terri Hatcher, actres, "Superman" tv series.

--> 1968, Brent Price, Basketball guard, Houston Rockets, #20.

--> 1981, Brittany Spears, singer.

Events on this day in history:

--> 1886, American Federation of Labor is organized in Columbus, Ohio.

--> 1987, President Reagan and Soviet General Secretary Gorbachev sign a
treaty eliminating medium range nuclear missiles.



> Windows Game of the Week: Warblade


Warning ! Extremely addictive. Time to say goodbye to your sparetime. Blast
aliens across 100 heart pumping levels uncovering the secrets and bonus
games along the way. Power up your profile for more bonuses and use
strategy to get to the higher ranks. Master the Time Trial and Meteor
Storms and see if you can become the next Warblade champion. Voted one of
the best online games of 2004! Key Features Classic Arcade Action 100
Levels Of Alien Blasting Uncover Secrets And Bonus Games Can You Become The
Next Warblade Champion? Requirements OS: Windows 98/Me, 2000, XP Memory:
64MB ...




> It's BETTER than Microsoft Office!


If you're like 95% of people using a PC, you use MS Office. And if you're like
95% of those MS Office users, you wish there were something better.

Well now there is.

Introducing Ashampoo Office Suite --

Key Features:

--> 100% Compatible with MS Office

--> Smaller, Faster, More Efficient than MS Office!

--> WOW! ~ Uses Only 64MB disk space: only 5% the size of MS Office

--> Smaller Footprint translates to FASTER load times

--> Completely Portable: can be stored, used on USB drive: no install req'd!

--> Create Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) natively, 100% compatible, no plugin needed!

--> Full 30 Day Guarantee

Full details / review:




> Freeware Picks of the Day: 'Seadragon', and 'Win7 Security Compliance



Seadragon a nifty online viewer designed for very large images.
Seadragon.com (from Microsoft Labs) is a free web service designed to view,
zoom, pan-into, and share large images on the internet without degrading
them or otherwise making them smaller.

Win7 Security Compliance Toolkit

From Microsoft: The Windows 7 Security Compliance Management Toolkit
provides an end-to-end solution to help you plan, deploy, and monitor the
security baselines of computers running Windows 7 and BitLocker Drive
Encryption in your ...




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