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[12/03] Black Screen of Death Fix Available | 'Spear-Phishing' Peddlers Urge Online Privacy


Infopackets Email Newsletter: Thursday, Dec 03, 2009


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> Is Maintaining Your Computer Hardware Driving YoU CrAzY?


Here's a question for you:

How dedicated are you to keeping your computer in tip-top shape?

Because if you want to do this you need to maintain your drivers -- the
files which make sure your hardware works properly with Windows.

There are two options for updating your drivers.

Option 1):

(a) Make a list of every device plugged in to your computer.

(b) Next, track down the manufacturer of each piece of hardware.

(c) Now, find and visit the website of the manufacturer and hunt for the driver
update page.

(d) Check if the latest driver update is newer than the one you have.

(e) If so, download and install it -- but make sure it's the right one,
otherwise you may disable your hardware by mistake.

(f) Move on to the next component and repeat the process.

We're not going to pretend option 1 is complicated: it's a pretty simple
process ...


But, boy-oh-boy, does it take a long time!


... So much so that you'd probably hire an IT expert to do it if only you
could afford their steep wages.

Thank goodness there's an Option 2!

Read on to find what it is:




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> In This Issue: At a Glance


>>> Today's Headlines

--> Black Screen of Death Fix Available; Debate Rages On

--> Nintendo Thanksgiving Sales Drop; Developer Cites Software

--> 'Spear-Phishing' Peddlers Urge Importance of Online Privacy

--> On this Day in History: for Thursday, Dec 03, 2009

--> Windows Game of the Week: Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery 2

--> Freeware Picks of the Day: 'Wake Up On Standby', and 'Toff'

>>> Incase You Missed It -- Yesterday's Top Stories

--> Change Cursor Direction in MS Excel 2007

--> MS Black Screen of Death Causes Stir, Issue Unresolved

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> " It not only cleans up the mess AFTER you've been infected ... "


... It also prevents your computer from being infected *in the first place!*

HoW's ThAt PoSsIbLe?





> Today's Headlines: With Synopsis (plus link to story)


>>> Black Screen of Death Fix Available; Debate Rages On

As Microsoft and independent firms alike try to find out more about the
"black screen of death" issue plaguing some users of Windows 7, the
firm which first reported the problem has earned its fair ...


>>> Nintendo Thanksgiving Sales Drop; Developer Cites Software

Thanksgiving weekend proved a huge success for many retailers,
particularly those with web sites -- Amazon.com and Wal-Mart.com
cleaned up on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as techies proved ...


>>> 'Spear-Phishing' Peddlers Urge Importance of Online Privacy

As hundreds of thousands of children write their letters to Santa this
holiday season, Infopackets.com weighs in on two possible phish-
friendly tools that would top the wish list of any hacker. These ...


>>> Change Cursor Direction in MS Excel 2007 (20091202)

One of our readers recently wrote in: Thank you for instruction on
changing the cursor direction after enter for previous Excel
spreadsheet. Can you please tell me how to do it in Windows 7? I have


>>> MS Black Screen of Death Causes Stir, Issue Unresolved (20091202)

Since its November 10 security update, reports suggest Microsoft has
received more complaints about the Black Screen of Death, than ever
before. One security firm is claiming that the update has ...




> On This Day in History: Thursday, Dec 03, 2009


On this Day in History -- December 03

Famous people born on this day:

--> 1729, Antonio Soler, famed late 18th century Spanish composer.

--> 1930, Andy Williams

--> 1930, Jean-Luc Godard

--> 1960, Daryl Hannah, actress.

--> 1962, Tammy Jackson forward, Houston Comets, #23.

--> 1968, Brendan Fraser, actor, "George of the Jungle".

Events on this day in history:

--> 1586, Sir Thomas Herriot introduces potatoes to England, from

--> 1621, Galileo invents the telescope.

--> 1829, Worlds largest bar opens.

--> 1952, First television broadcast in Hawaii.

--> 1954, Joseph McCarthy goes too far in his attacks and is condemned by
the U.S. Senate.

--> 1967, First human heart transplant performed, in Capetown, South



> Windows Game of the Week: Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery 2


Tackle 300 all-new puzzle challenges in this sequel to the hit brain-
bender! Can you remove all the blocks from the screen in the fewest
possible moves? The hint power-up is still on hand to help, but only those
with strategic sense and careful clicks will be labeled a Puzzle Genius!
Inspired by one of the most popular puzzlers of all time, the original game
of colored blocks and fast clicks is now the ultimate break for your brain.
Exercise your mental muscle today! Key Features 300 All-New Puzzles!
Classic Collapse Power-Ups! Special Hint Feature! Interesting And Clever
Puzzle .....




> Freeware Picks of the Day: 'Wake Up On Standby', and 'Toff'


Wake Up On Standby

WakeupOnStandBy will wake up your PC from stand-by or hibernation mode
programmatically. Once activated, it resides in the system and wakes it up
at a pre-defined time. It can be programmed to run a file on wake, and if
necessary sends it into stand-by mode, hibernates it or shuts it down. It
can also be used to run scheduled operations every day, or on specific


This utility will be handy for people who like to leave their computer
unattended for some time before automatically turning it off (...




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