Monday, August 3, 2009

BIOS 'rootkit' pre-loaded in laptop; File sharing leaks government secrets | ZDNet Announcements

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ZDNet Announcements
charles | Mon., Aug. 3, 2009
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Microsoft-Yahoo!: Combine, compete, crush

Microsoft-Yahoo!: Combine, compete, crush

Zack Whittaker: Will the Microsoft-Yahoo! deal really offer anything to users? Eventually, slightly better advertisements. The entire deal is a front for Microsoft to take on their arch-nemesis, Google.


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Solutions Brief: Running Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Intel Platforms

Read how Red Hat and Intel move intelligence forward with an integrated solution that reduces complexity, boosts performance and expands scalability.

Must-Read News

BIOS 'rootkit' pre-loaded in laptop

File sharing leaks government secrets

Apple patches Black Hat SMS attack flaw

Fake ATM, skimmers found in Las Vegas hotels

Spammers go multilingual, use automatic translation services

ZDNet Blogs

Google's campaign for Apps doesn't address the IT data elephant in the room

Enterprise 2.0 software: Too many choices?

Windows 7 RTM versus Vista, XP

Do we want a tougher FCC?

Microsoft decides not to push Windows 7E on Europe, after all


Strategies for deploying blade servers in existing data centers

This white paper explains how to select the best power and cooling approach for a successful and predictable blade server deployment. (APC)

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Windows 7 first look: More than just "Vista, fixed"

Microsoft sticker shock: Anytime Upgrade, Family Pack details

Microsoft does a 180: Tech testers to get a copy of Windows 7 for free

Apple and AT&T asked to explain denial of Google Voice app

While the EC wastes time with IE, Russia tackles bigger issues

TechRepublic Hot Topics

IT leader's guide to working with analysts

Is your network ready to handle videoconferencing?

ZF05 gives us one more reason to use unique passwords

Time is running out to get the Windows 7 Release Candidate

Will society always need us geeks?

Latest from SmartPlanet

Touch up your management skills with business simulation tournaments

Who will help evolution move forward?

The science behind targeted online ads

Why your kids won't land on the Moon

Starwood gambles on eco-centric hotel chain

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Dead-Finger Tech

Dead-Finger Tech Which computing device, gadget or software app will they have pry from your cold, dead fingers? We asked ZDNet bloggers which bit of technology their lives depend upon. (But no iPhones, please.) Does their Dead-Finger Tech look anything like yours?


Nissan Leaf EV photos
HP SimpleSave
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Which smartphone platform should developers aim for?

Which smartphone platform should developers aim for? For start-ups without a lot of time or money, is it smarter to develop for the iPhone first or the Android OS? Panelists at the AlwaysOn Summit at Stanford discuss the pros and cons of each platform.


Open-source bonuses for the big guys
The month ahead: Tech companies set sights on students
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Dell s1440-022B

Dell s1440-022B If you can forgo a DVD burner on your laptop, the Dell Studio S1440-022B offers a ton of features and a slick design that should make it a frontrunner for any student doing their back-to-school shopping.

Microsoft Windows 7 (Professional)

Microsoft Windows 7 (Professional) Windows 7 is more than what Vista should have been, it's where Microsoft needs to go and they went there. How much damage did Vista do and is Windows 7 enough for people to finally abandon Windows XP are questions that nobody has the answers to right now.

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WorldMate Live

WorldMate Live Your e-mail is an inconvenient place to store your itinerary, and your calendar is too hard to read. With a little online prep, WorldMate Live makes a fine travel secretary.
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Make your hard disk faster with this disk defragmenter and optimizer.
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MarketBrowser Get world class charting on your computer in seconds with MarketBrowser. Check portfolio performance instantly with the at-a-glance toolbar. Quickly run studies like moving averages, spreads and oscillators.
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