Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mac attack patch; Killer Windows 7 bug?; High-speed rail [TECH UPDATE]

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ZDNet Tech Update Today
charles | Thurs., August 6, 2009
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A killer Windows 7 bug? Sorry, no

A killer Windows 7 bug? Sorry, no Ed Bott: The blogosphere is abuzz over a newly publicized bug in Windows 7. I read about it yesterday on a blog, where it was described as a "critical bug in Windows 7 RTM." My take? It's alarming behavior if you're unaware of what's happening.


Benchmarks: Windows 7 RTM versus Vista, XP
The Ultimate Windows 7 Upgrade FAQ
Special Report: Windows 7 at the finish line


Live Web Event: Virtualizing Your Infrastructure with Intel, IBM and VMware

Discover how to best implement virtualization to reduce costs, improve IT service and manage risk across your servers, storage devices, and networks.

Apple warns of Mac attack risk via image files

Apple warns of Mac attack risk via image files Ryan Naraine: In an update that contains fixes for a total of 19 documented vulnerabilities, Apple says malicious hackers could rig PNG and other images to take complete control of unpatched Mac systems.


Mozilla shuts online store after security breach
Absolute Software downplays BIOS rootkit claims
Fake Microsoft patch malware campaign makes a comeback
Windows 7 more secure than Linux and Mac OS X?
Charlie Miller: Macs lacking in security

A look at On2 Technologies and why Google wants it

A look at On2 Technologies and why Google wants it Larry Dignan: It's not very often that Google makes an acquisition of a company no one's heard of. That's what happened when the search giant bought On2 Technologies, a penny stock trading in obscurity on the American Stock Exchange, for 60 cents a share. Here's a look at On2's business and Google's grander plans.


A faster Chrome for Windows but still nothing for the Mac
Soldiers get priority for Google Voice

OpenOffice users: Just say no to a Microsoft-like Ribbon interface

OpenOffice users: Just say no to a Microsoft-like Ribbon interface Mary Jo Foley: From the "truth is stranger than fiction" desk, the camp is showing off a prototype of its rival desktop productivity suite that has a very Microsoft-Office-like interface.


Microsoft privately testing Office 2010 streaming-download model
Microsoft Office 2010: The odyssey continues

SmartPlanet: Is high-speed rail worth it in the U.S.?

SmartPlanet: Is high-speed rail worth it in the U.S.? Andrew Nusca: Is the Obama administration's proposed high-speed rail project a much-needed infrastructure project or an optimistic waste of financial resources? According to Harvard economics professor Edward Glaser, it's a bit of both.


John Dodge: High-speed rail is worth it


Laying the IT Security Foundation

Learn how to regain control of your environment and address the root cause of dangerous IT attacks.

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Tablet devices suck, so why does Apple want to make one?

Matthew Miller: An Apple touchscreen tablet iPod touch device is all the rage in the rumor mill. Wired says 2010 is the year of the tablet. I say why? Tablets are just plain awful.


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Telcos: stop wasting our time & money!
"Personally, I just wait." -- Lerianis10

Firefox to hit 1 billionth download
"I use it every day. I love the Fox." -- zdnetlol

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Pentax adds new Optio WS80 to its waterproof compact camera lineup

Pentax adds new Optio WS80 to its waterproof compact camera lineup Janice Chen: The new Pentax Optio WS80 is a step-down model that will be priced about $50 less than the W80, and while not as rugged as its big brother, it is dustproof and waterproof to depths of up to 5 feet (vs. the W80???s 16 feet).


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SmartPlanet: How to keep your solar panels working efficiently

Microsoft Windows XP Pro Full


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Which smartphone platform should developers aim for?

Which smartphone platform should developers aim for? For start-ups without a lot of time or money, is it smarter to develop for the iPhone first or the Android OS? Panelists at the AlwaysOn Summit at Stanford discuss the pros and cons of each platform. With 65,000 apps available, the iPhone may be the most popular smartphone, but that also means that many more apps can eclipse yours.


Open-source bonuses for the big guys

Open-source bonuses for the big guys At the AlwaysOn Summit at Stanford University, panelists discuss benefits that huge companies like Google and Facebook could get from embracing open source, such as third-party developers integrating their products into new application versions and easier connectivity with emerging technologies.


The month ahead: Tech companies set sights on studentss

The month ahead: Tech companies set sights on students As students savor their last weeks of summer vacation, parents are trying to decide which laptop will best suit their kids' needs. ZDNet correspondent Sumi Das and senior editor Sam Diaz look ahead to August and discuss what the tech companies have to offer.


How does a solar cell work?

How does a solar cell work? How does solar conversion work now and how do we want it to work in the future? Paul Altivisatos, interim director for Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory at UC Berkeley, explains how a solar cell works and how the solar energy of the future can become more efficient.


Freemium: The first business model of the 21st century

Freemium: The first business model of the 21st century At the Revenue Bootcamp Conference in Mountain View, Calif., Chris Anderson, author of "Free: The Future of a Radical Price," discusses how different companies use the free-to-premium, or freemium model to not only make money, but often keep customers at a higher rate than fully paid services.


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