Wednesday, August 5, 2009

[ZDNET] Mozilla security breach; No killer Windows 7 bug; Cisco rolls

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ZDNet Member | August 05, 2009
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Mozilla shuts online store after security breach

The Mozilla Foundation has shuttered its e-commerce store after confirming a security breach at GatewayCDI, the third-party vendor that handles the store's backend operations. The open-source groups said it has asked Gateway CDI to quickly notify individuals who had their sensitive data compromised. Mozilla did not elaborate...


Security software maker PC Tools enters Mac market with antivirus utility
Security risks of Web 2.0 tools should not be overlooked by enterprises, individuals
Open-source XML-enabled application risk identified


How file fragmentation occurs on Windows XP / Server 2003

This intriguing white paper looks at how Windows XP/Server 2003 handle free space and how to address fragmentation problems through regular, automated file defragmentation. (Diskeeper)

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Protecting Against the New Wave of Malware

This white paper examines why older, traditional antivirus approaches don't work and why a new approach to endpoint security is required to better protect your network against the new wave of malware. Learn strategies and solutions that will keep your company's assets secure.
(Sunbelt Software)


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