Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sony's $199 e-book reader; Windows 7 XP Mode; HP's $429 business laptop [TECH UPDATE]

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ZDNet Tech Update Today
charles | Wed., August 5, 2009
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Sony's Reader: the road ahead

Sony's Reader: the road ahead Larry Dignan: Sony launched two new e-readers, including a $199 model that could bring e-books to the masses. Yet Sony faces stiff competition from Amazon's Kindle, Plastic Logic (in 2010) and a rapidly expanding field of competitors.


Sony's two new readers include a pocket-sized $199 device
Gallery: Sony launches touch-screen, pocket e-readers
E-reader devices: The fun is just starting
$299 Kindle: Great, now make it read PDF!
Kindles in color by 2010? Prime View to buy E Ink for $215M


Strategies for deploying blade servers in existing data centers

This white paper explains how to select the best power and cooling approach for a successful and predictable blade server deployment. (APC)

Microsoft delivers near-final test build of Windows 7 XP Mode

Microsoft delivers near-final test build of Windows 7 XP Mode Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft has made available to any and all interested testers the RC build of Windows 7's XP Mode, an add-on designed to allow small/mid-size business users to run legacy Windows XP applications on Windows 7 using virtualization technologies.


CIO Jury: Split on deploying Windows 7
Windows 7: The waiting is the hardest part (for Microsoft)
The Ultimate Windows 7 Upgrade FAQ

HP debuts Compaq 515, 610 budget full-size business laptops; $429

HP debuts Compaq 515, 610 budget full-size business laptops; $429 Andrew Nusca: HP on Tuesday announced the Compaq 515 and 610 budget business laptops for mobile professionals, further blurring the lines between the netbook and notebook segments.


John Morris: HP rolls out more Compaq budget laptops
Where's the competition to Sony's P-Series?
Dead-Finger Tech: Apple MacBook Pro (13-inch unibody, 2009)
Laptop or desktop + netbook for back to school?

Fake Microsoft patch malware campaign makes a comeback

Fake Microsoft patch malware campaign makes a comeback Dancho Danchev: A fake Microsoft patch themed malware campaign was restarted by its botnet masters, once again spamming users as a non-existent Update for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.


Fake 'Blue Screen of Death' pushing scareware
Plugins compromised in SquirrelMail's web server hack

Laptop Warranties and Accidental Damage Coverage: What You Need to Know

Laptop Warranties and Accidental Damage Coverage: What You Need to Know Jason Perlow: After being flogged in public, HP contacted me and replaced my broken laptop that they had earlier claimed was accidentally damaged and not covered by their warranty. I appreciate HP's willingness to rectify the issue, but there clearly needs to be some improvement in communicating what sort of items are covered under warranty.


Sitting "Shiva" For My Dead Laptop


Enhancing desktop and laptop security performance with disk defragmentation

Download this white paper to read the results of a study that was conducted to determine the impact of disk fragmentation on the performance of security scans and other anti-malware programs. (Diskeeper)

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Coverflow for all Mac apps: oh, the horror!

David Morgenstern: Software Architects offers an Interface Builder plug-in that lets Mac developers more easily add the CoverFlow interface to their apps. I could cry!


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Telcos: stop wasting our time & money!
"Personally, I just wait." -- Lerianis10

Firefox to hit 1 billionth download
"I use it every day. I love the Fox." -- zdnetlol

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Defcon badge inspires hacks

Defcon badge inspires hacks Likely the most sophisticated around, Defcon conference badges feature customized circuitry, interactive LEDs, and hidden features for attendees to hack and explore.


Sony launches touch-screen, pocket e-readers
Microsoft Zune HD portable media player revealed
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Nikon announces new Coolpix S1000pj compact camera with built-in projector

Nikon announces new Coolpix S1000pj compact camera with built-in projector Janice Chen: Nikon has hit upon a pretty unique differentiator for its latest entry into the compact camera wars: Today's announcement of four new Coolpix cameras includes the world's first camera with a built-in projector, the Nikon Coolpix S1000pj.


Microsoft Windows 7 (Ultimate)
HP Pavilion dv4-1465DX
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Microsoft Windows XP Pro Full


Buy now, only: $115.93

SPOT Satellite Personal

Rating:5.00 Vendor:Cabela's

Buy now, only: $149.99

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Which smartphone platform should developers aim for?

Which smartphone platform should developers aim for? For start-ups without a lot of time or money, is it smarter to develop for the iPhone first or the Android OS? Panelists at the AlwaysOn Summit at Stanford discuss the pros and cons of each platform. With 65,000 apps available, the iPhone may be the most popular smartphone, but that also means that many more apps can eclipse yours.


Open-source bonuses for the big guys

Open-source bonuses for the big guys At the AlwaysOn Summit at Stanford University, panelists discuss benefits that huge companies like Google and Facebook could get from embracing open source, such as third-party developers integrating their products into new application versions and easier connectivity with emerging technologies.


The month ahead: Tech companies set sights on studentss

The month ahead: Tech companies set sights on students As students savor their last weeks of summer vacation, parents are trying to decide which laptop will best suit their kids' needs. ZDNet correspondent Sumi Das and senior editor Sam Diaz look ahead to August and discuss what the tech companies have to offer.


How does a solar cell work?

How does a solar cell work? How does solar conversion work now and how do we want it to work in the future? Paul Altivisatos, interim director for Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory at UC Berkeley, explains how a solar cell works and how the solar energy of the future can become more efficient.


Freemium: The first business model of the 21st century

Freemium: The first business model of the 21st century At the Revenue Bootcamp Conference in Mountain View, Calif., Chris Anderson, author of "Free: The Future of a Radical Price," discusses how different companies use the free-to-premium, or freemium model to not only make money, but often keep customers at a higher rate than fully paid services.


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